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Smoggy Sunrise

Smoggy Sunrise

I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of the rising sun as I was watering the plants one early morning. Capturing a sunrise definitely is one of those relatively rare moments for me, let alone one that had its glorious light filtered out by a layer of smog. I do hope that we don’t reach Beijing-like levels of noxious air, but what can we actually do about it?


A Rose Experience

Salmon, Sea Urchin

Here are some images I took from a surprise birthday dinner I’ve been invited to. The restaurant’s name is Rose and they serve Japanese “enhanced with classic French cooking techniques“. The chef had whipped up some simply fascinating combos from his kitchen that night.

I realize that there’s quite a number of folks in my network who’s had their birthday on February, if you happen to be one of them, allow me to greet you a happy birthday!

I loved the salmon rose & the edamame. The green beans amused me so much that I decided to physically pull each seed out of the pods so I could share with you its ‘inside-story’.

And don’t let the dessert fool you, the chocolate flame packed a bold piquant flavor blend that made me want some more. It definitely is a must-try!

Ultimate? It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Before January is over, I’d like to post this as my contribution to the DOT’s ongoing campaign, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

This unrehearsed jump shot was taken in a municipality near Iligan City. Behind is Iligan Bay. See source image.

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Vegetarian Snack

I ordered a Vietnamese baguette while waiting to meet someone in Makati. It’s a vegetarian sandwich they call Banh Mi — it was my first time to taste one and I honestly enjoyed it. It’s supposedly made of veggie ingredients even though it didn’t really taste like vegetables, so that’s a plus.

Later after the meeting, I took on a serving of their vegetarian vanilla ice cream (yes, I’m serious!) which surprisingly also tasted just like any other vanilla flavored ice cream!